Monday 20 September 2010

Ecolo switching to Ubuntu

Ecolo is switching to Ubuntu desktops. (They are the French speaking green party of Belgium, with 12.3% and 14.3% of French speaking votes for senate and chamber of representatives respectively). Respect!


Anonymous said...

"12.3% and 14.3%"

I think you forgot to mention the denominator... I guess it is of 'Walloon and Brussels voters'?

I am sure it is not 'of Belgian voters'.

Maybe it is 'of brown desktops' or 'of friendly tree huggers'?

Mark Van den Borre said...

Senate and chamber of representatives.

Sander said...

chamber: 8/150 = 5.3%
senate: 5/71 = 7%
Walloon Parlament: 14/75 = 18.7%
Frensh speaking council: 17/94 = 18%
German speaking council: 3/25 = 12%
Brussels Parlament: 16/89 = 18 %

Source: Wikipedia.
What numbers did you mean?

Guess it are the percentage of seats in the chamber and senate but only calculated on the number of people able to vote on ├ęcolo, so only Wallonia, maybe Brussels-Halle-Vilvorde included, not on all Belgians.

Complicated enough? :p