Tuesday, 7 February 2017

ansible deploying video boxes

This was how an ansible deploy of the https://fosdem.org video boxes looked like... More info to come.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Embarassing blackmagic design video stream on youtube

This is embarassing. BlackMagic Design. Expensive video hardware. Stream audio and video out of sync. Shitty image quality. In a studio. Prepared for hours.

Just yesterday, we did lots and lots better. Far far far better audio quality in the rooms where we actually controlled the audio. Tons better video quality in the rooms where we had some control of the lighting. In 40 rooms. Without someone handling the camera. Across a network that was not ours. Setup in four hours. With a pile of 120€ laptops. More live mixing features. Higher resolution. At FOSDEM

Blackmagic, call us. We might be able to help you.

Friday, 23 December 2016

99th day of trying to get a Dommel VDSL line...

Yes, what was I thinking...

* 20160915: ordered dsl line at dommel.be. They already had all my contact data and other permissions, so that administrative bit went quickly. It would turn out to be the only quick and easy bit... I tell them five times that this will be a new line that needs to be dug in because whatever there migh have been has disappeared during renovations.
* 201610??: First proximus technician visit. He returns home "There's no line here. My data says there was a line here."
* 201610??: 
* 20161021: an ->A<-DSL line gets delivered instead of VDSL. It seems something went wrong during the order process (possibly on my side?).
* 20161021: I agree to pay a 25€ "reduced" upgrade fee and immediately order an upgrade to VDSL.
* Nothing happens for two weeks...
* Nothin happens for three weeks...
* /me calls Dommel. Dommel: "You will have to wait until your payment for the upgrade has been processed." "But... you have direct debit permissions on my account since two years now?" "Yes, but our administrative system doesn't allow that..."
* The payment eventually clears. /me calls them. "Yes, this week or the next, we will be able to make an appointment with a technician..."
* Another three weeks pass. No news. I call them. "In two or three weeks, we will be able to make an appointment with a technician"
* A few days later, Dommel informs me a proximus technican will visit on December 22...
* 20161222: Another proximus technician visits and connects the VDSL2 line.
* 20161222: I triple check with Dommel by phone if everything will be fine, and what I should do. "Didn't you receive a USB stick with configuration in it?" "No?" "Oh!" "So what to do now?" "We'll send you the required settings by email..."
* 20161223: Back home, I immediately test the settings. DSL line syncs (70/20), but PPPoE times out... Phone call to the Dommel help line. "Wait for an hour or so, things will be fine..." Four more phone calls that afternoon later... Proximus technician scheduled to drop by between 8am and noon...20161227. Not sure what he or she will be able to do. Let's hope for the best..

Friday, 7 October 2016


A dirty one liner as a small reminder for myself. Oh well, it did help my client to get those images out of this rotten old CMS quickly. And it wasn't as dirty as what people in #bash suggested. Dirty? Not dirty at all!

find ./ -iname "*image_large" -print0 | xargs -0 bash -c 'for image; do mv "$image" "$(dirname "$(dirname "$image")")"/$RANDOM.jpg; done' bash

Friday, 1 April 2016

Vultures in the tram in Riga, Latvia.

Some people don't like the vulture credit companies praying on the working poor.

As seen in the tram in Riga, Latvia.

OK, as laser cut and hung up in the tram in Riga, Latvia...

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Monday, 29 December 2014

At the airport

I don't like places with time limited free wifi. I hate MAC filtering.
# ifconfig wlan0 hw ether 01:02:03:04:05:06

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Geert Noels over bankenlobby

U zat kort na de crisis in het Lamfalussy-comité dat een blauwdruk moest ontwerpen voor een hervorming van de financiële sector in België. Het eindresultaat was bijzonder vriendelijk. Hebt u die krachten zelf ondergaan?
Noels: ‘Kijk, in dat comité is zes maanden lang ernstig gewerkt. Maar de voorstellen om ‘too big to fail’ en systeemrisico’s aan te pakken, hebben de eindversie van ons rapport niet gehaald. Net zo min als mijn voorstel om een systemische schaal voor banken te ontwikkelen. Het plan was: hoe meer punten een bank scoort op die schaal, hoe hoger het risico voor de gezondheid van het financieel systeem. Op basis daarvan had je spaarders kunnen informeren of waarschuwen, als er tegenover de bovengemiddelde rente op hun spaarboekje ook bovengemiddeld risico schuilging. Een voorbeeld: KBC zou voor de crisis jaar na jaar gestegen zijn op die schaal, nadien jaar na jaar gedaald. En het zou het mogelijk maken om banken op een rechtvaardige manier te belasten. Mijn voorstel is niet gevolgd en vandaag betalen kleine banken proportioneel meer bankenbelasting dan grote. Neen, ik heb daartegen niet luidop geprotesteerd. Onze jurist zegt dat ik daarop beter niet terugkom, maar concludeer zelf maar wat er gebeurd is.’

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