Tuesday 5 July 2011

Bath reprap master class: wonderful experience!

We built a reprap 3d printer last weekend at the Bath reprap master class. I really enjoyed myself, and I think I can speak for Rodrigo, Sabine and say the same holds true for them.

Wonderfully smart and friendly people. Enthousiasm. An entirely new set of skills. Felt much like my earliest days with free software.

Thank you Jean-Marc, Andrew, Kliment, Adrian, Joseph, Ruben, Rhys, Pia and others for organising this. I've rarely seen such enthousiastic and knowledgeable mentors before.

Thank you Keith, Peter, Vince, Phil and others for the use of your tools, the hints and the friendly company.

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ParaScubaSailor said...

Did you gûys encounter any specific problem with the assembly and setting up?