Thursday 7 April 2022

How much does my flight sponsor Vladimir?

 I regularly fly between Belgium and my second home country Latvia. How much am I sponsoring Vladimir when doing that? About 25€. Back of the envelope calculation.

  • CRL - RIX return = 330 kg CO2 (source)
  • 1 l jet fuel a1 = 2.52 kg CO2 (source)
  • 1 l jet fuel = 0.85€ (source, some currency and SI conversion required)
  • refinery and distribution margin ~ 15% (conservative ballpark guesstimate based upon price/barrel for crude and jet a1 fuel)
  • percentage of Russian crude in EU: 27% (source)
  • (330/2.52)*.85*.85*.27 = 25.55€

P.S. More source countries have "interesting" policies. For example. 8% of EU imports are from Saudi Arabia.

P.P.S. Our upcoming holiday will be by night train. Exciting!

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998 said...

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